Dear friends,

on 23 May we have been able to add a special event to our schedule :
The Russian comedian and satirist Oleg Denisov from Moscow will be giving a guest performance with his new satirical comedy program « Westbound and Down » in English.
Oleg is Russia’s most experienced international stand-up comedian and also a philosopher by training. Most recently, he appeared as a co-writer and guest star at ZDF’s «Die Anstalt». A self-described “absurdo-satirist”, Oleg is a seasoned international performer with three full solo runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and several European tours including solo performances and headline spots in most European capitals. Oleg has also been a founder and head of «Steal the Show Comedy», Russia’s first and only multilingual comedy club.
In his satirical comedy program „Westbound and Down“ Oleg asks the eternal questions: Could we have done more? What’s the price of freedom? And how toxic does your identity have to become for people to stop enjoying a nice poisoning joke?

For more details about Oleg’s program click here
We’re looking forward to welcoming you!